Development and Growth

Coolidge is on the forefront of manufacturing. Once mainly agricultural, Coolidge is a city that is expanding into manufacturing at an incredible rate. With big businesses like Nikola, Next Era, S-Power, Bright International, and Stinger Bridge and Iron, the opportunity for growth, development, and jobs is like no other.

The Crossroads of Arizona

Coolidge is the crossroads of Arizona. Located midway between Phoenix and Tucson, The I-10 and I-8, and the planned North-South Freeway, Coolidge is the perfect place for transportation, development, and commuting.

With access to land, roadway, and potential workers, businesses are sure to thrive. Nikola Motor Company, solar energy companies,and our industral parks are growing and impacting Coolidge and the surrounding areas. Why wait? Don't miss out on these opportunities of a lifetime.

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